You Never Really Quit

You just refocus your energy.

My there is a lot of energy out there recently. The New York Times profiling Evola and linking him to Bannon. I wonder what the good Baron would think of being associated with a slob of a man who can’t seem to have the decency to grow a real beard or just go clean shaven.

Bannon and Trump are a hilarious mismatch of aesthetics in how they carry themselves. The disheveled look works well for no-one, but Bannon seems determined to try. Much like the media are determined to throw their spotlight upon everything now that the Overton window has shifted thanks to Trump.

Yarvin, when he and I met in passing by pure chance last year, seemed a jovial sort. We shared a joke about the ‘threats’ against him. Perhaps they are more serious now but I was chuffed to see him retaining that jovial sense of humor in The Atlantic’s piece on NRx. The incident is worth repeating for the sheer mirth it brings:

“Think you should speak directly to my WH cutout / cell leader,” Yarvin said in an email. “I’ve never met him and don’t know his identity, we just DM on Twitter.  He’s said to be ‘very close’ to Bannon. There are several levels, but most people just start out with his public persona.” @BronzeAgePerv’s avatar is of a muscular, shirtless man and his account’s biography reads: “Steppe barbarian. Nationalist, Fascist, Nudist Bodybuilder! Purification of world. Revolt of the damned. Destruction of the cities!”

“I know nothing about BAP personally, except that he lifts.  DM him. He may not give you any info but he always responds,” Yarvin said. “Apparently there’s a big underground movement of right-wing bodybuilders — thousands.  Their plan is to surface spectacularly this April, in a choreographed flash demo on the Mall.  They’ll be totally nude, but wearing MAGA hats.  Goal is to intimidate Congress with pure masculine show of youth, energy.  Trump is said to know, will coordinate with powerful EOs…”


Whilst I’m the first to note issues with NRx – just see past blog posts on the matter here – I have to commend them for handling themselves well.

You get two choices, you can take the Spencer Option and this involves walking around getting punched repeatedly in the face because you crave public attention. Or the NRx option, continue writing and rehashing ideas relatively secluded. Now the spotlight will come onto you but it doesn’t really matter. They don’t want it – and if it does and a few more people pick up on some anti-Democracy, anti-egalitarian ideas that work at the unease they feel at the modern world so much the better. Whether it’s Social Matter, Moldbug, Alain de Benoist, or Evola all of them unite enough to promote the unified beliefs of the far-right. That this world is a lie. That there are other options to us.

The benefit of being more akin to NRx than Spencer is you plod slowly on, you insulate yourself above and beyond certain destructive immature elements. I stated there are two ways but really there is a third. The way of BAP. Mirthful trolling mixed with the occasional seriousness – for all the Pepe fun and ‘Kek’ worshippers there is something always more direct about a BAP tweet. In a previous post my manifesto against blogging was just that – but people will do what they do. It also pointed out how the lower activation energy of the herdlike Alt-Lite and Spencers have pushed things forward.

With Moldbug and NRx now being tangentially linked to Bannon I think that analysis is validated. It is with a certain smugness that I see the Cathedral now bending over trying to form links – and hey, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Bannon has been reading Social Matter, Moldbug all this time.

Either way we’re all still winning

Breathing Space and How to Advance the Culture War

Trumps victory has not invalidated my previous Manifesto Against Blogging but it has bought us more time to prepare and organize. Something we have seen more of in the run up to the election and in the aftermath. OpSec and PerSec prevent me from mentioning more but needless to say now there is some time and I encourage everyone to build their offline shit-lord relationships and groups, develop skills, and work towards being ready for the fight.

Leftist writers are now calling for full blown secession, from CalExit to simply cutting off the ‘confederacy’. This is good and perhaps the best we on the right can hope for is an increased chaos amid a war to come. Advancing the culture war has seen the Left basically attempting to take “Exit” over “voice”. It should be encouraged, we need to drive the culture war on.

If Trump does things right (and who knows if he will) then the following could happen.

  • Sessions as AG leads a hard fight against Sanctuary cities who in turn respond aggressively.
  • Sessions and Trump Admin frame this as Rule of Law vs Anarchy, the culture war gets more intense. People and organizations pick sides.
  • Cuckservatives get eliminated in this – either they become liberal Democrats supporting anarchy by not enforcing the law or they ‘bend the knee’.
  • Police in these cities will also need to pick a side – perhaps the biggest weapon Trump&Co has is this. Do they support the side that is murdering them with BLM and gang warfare or an administration that stands by them…Hmm
  • In this continued culture war the alt-right continues to grow as whites find themselves pushed either deeper into self destructive Marxist ideology or they find an exit from it with nationalism of any stripe.
  • Either way a bigger split benefits the real right.

That split is where we recruit, where we grow, where we continue to influence discourse. Voice is only valuable in so far as your population can propel your ideas to a level where they must be acted upon.

The left will drive a lot of this themselves, they are too bought into their death cult. The anti-white rhetoric post election may be tempered slightly but ultimately they will double down on their lies. The white middle classes outside of the cities have seen through their bullshit.

We stand a lot to gain through how the left will continue their attempts at instability. Some proposed strategies:

  • Outrage flyers – low level propaganda encourages people with similar views to understand others like them exist. Also provokes freakouts from our enemies and people don’t think or act clearly.
  • Join more mainstream conservative groups to change discourse. Subtle approach and only worth doing if you are worth listening to. If you have a Millennial Woes aesthetic go back to the gym.
  • Continue to network with existing contacts and build together.

Quick thoughts on other things:

NPI and the Spencer debacle.
Ignore the salutes, ignore media frenzy and ask yourself this. What exactly has he been doing for the past years? Spencer stated NPI hopes to release 6 policy papers – why aren’t they already good to go? Why haven’t they existed for a while? The time to push those ideas into the mainstream alt-lite was yesterday not the time after Trump has been forced to “disavow”. Incompetent.

Big picture threats
Don’t go away because we need to remove some criminal Mexicans. This report on how AI is subtly displacing human decision making should make any Butlerian uneasy. Keep in mind the limits we may impose in the West (thanks to our crumbling civilization) will not be followed by the likes of China. Perhaps a war against them will be better than a war against the machines?

Leftist framing is lies.
In times past I would have written an entire shitty blog post about this article:

Men who behave like promiscuous playboys or feel powerful over women are more likely to have mental health problems than men with less sexist attitudes, according to a study released on Monday.

Here is my reframing in terms of reality of Truth:

Men who have actualised their sexual potential and dominated the hypergamous women of today are more likely to suffer the effects of hedonistic degeneracy by way of depression and substance abuse.

Of course men who have seen the true unrestrained nature of women in modern society and understood how it works will be more depressed at that dark reality than the men who can never reach beyond sloppy seconds. The horror of modernity is that it is now the many more men who reach this realisation than the hopeless few cads of eras past.

Carousel riders — amanapartblog

Of broken women I do know
But of innocent maidens none.
They appear white, like snow.
In time they melt and I’m done.

Self obsessed and never seeming to rest
Amused to death
Upon fairground rides, yet none the best.

None taught these women to stop
No, that was not their lot
Sold pretty lies
They flocked like flies

Candles of men burnt bright
But she could never rest at night
Into her ears
Fell all her fears

Now alone
Cats meow
At least they need her now


via Carousel riders — amanapartblog

A Manifesto Against Blogging

Time out gives a man room to think. It is why vacation is an important part of a work-life balance. It is why male only spaces were so crucial to the continued survival of Western Civilization – you had to get away from the nagging wife to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Since I posted my ‘Exit’ post I have maintained relationships with allies, talking to many on a daily basis. In recent weeks I have also kept one eye open on those still blogging. What I see is sad and disappointing.

The more popular publications in this ‘sphere’ are still publishing nonsense articles about topics we already discussed years ago. Titles like “Multiculuralism erodes security” – no doubt a cutting edge observation never before made. Then with the growth of Trump we have a slew of old Alt-Right figures cashing in – I’ve lost track of how many “No this is the real Alt-Right’ articles or videos have appeared. The mastubatory self indulgence that many crave is happening for them, they rehash the same dead topics, they continue to abyss gaze with the same sick fascination.

Stepping back from the sphere and looking in you see it for what it is and what it has become. It is not the intellectuals of NRx who have driven the narrative, it is the lowest common denominator. The meme-kids and the fashy goys. The Twitter army and the classical media (Breitbart) are running the narrative. A wise man I converse with observed the ‘Alt-right’ is essentially a cottage industry of self indulgent fan-boys. Their decadence is not in popularity like the traditional celebrity of our time but rather in the chaotic revelry of mayhem or in how they style themselves as NPR types who are edgy and ‘far-right’.

At a distance one also sees the inherent contradiction amongst many. On the one hand a series of debates about ‘passivism’ promoted by an organisation with a former cuckold as a member showed this up but it is only now with distance I realise the hilarity of the situation.

Whilst you write another long winded post covering a topic Moldbug already did – the black gang member is engaging in modern warfare.

Whilst you argue about the merits of right-wing activism in Slack – the leftists are forming bonds on the front line in their direct action.

Here is the core of the issue no one talks about, no one wants to address. Much is made of the fact the Left are leading us into a hell hole of instability, where a slow collapse is likely, where the barbarians are at the gates, where they will not be able to control their pets. If this is the case where is the organisation? Where is the desire to actually prepare?

It doesn’t seem to exist. Or if it does they are lying, looking closely at what some say you feel they either don’t believe in the chaos the left are bringing about as actually manifesting or they are just not willing to accept it. For all the highbrow criticism leveled at certain parts of the Alt-Right parts of it have been quite successful at bringing people together. Those people aren’t blogging, they might Tweet, they might make some FB posts, they might even just consume it all passively. But they are coming together, forming bonds and making this stability count.

Either what we see is going to lead us into a time of serious unrest and problems, or it isn’t. If it isn’t better cuck yourself now and step away from the keyboard so you can get that cushy job whilst your gender-fluid partner earns more than you thanks to a chromosome test and masturbate yourself to death with that new VR headset.

Stop blogging.

For every blog post you write I will be practicing slide lock reloads.

For every inane debate in the comments section on said blog post I will be planning my vegetable patch for next year.

For every podcast you do I shall be listening to one on how to stay in the fight longer.

For every blog post you read about a rehashed Moldbug idea I’ll be reading a book of knots and practicing again and again and again.

For every abyss gazing moment you spend I shall be sharpening a knife or readying for a hunt.

The choice is yours